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Prime Medical Solutions is a physician led premier global healthcare solutions provider driving the financial, operational, and clinical success of health care providers ranging from solo practitioners to group practices and health care organizations. We provide a professional and highly personalized service to all medical practices who strive for an increased efficiency, cost effectiveness especially with the decreased reimbursements during the last few years. We understand your needs, we are committed in achieving the maximum payments for our providers with a very high accuracy coding and billing methods.

Our range of services include Eligibility Check, CPT coding, ICD-10 coding, Claim submission, Denial management, AR follow up, Reporting, Debt follow-up and covers all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management.
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Patient Eligibility Verification

Over 20% of all healthcare claims are denied due to the fact that patients are not covered or eligible for medical services by the insurance payor. Often, a patient would be ineligible to claim for benefits because the policy has been terminated or modified. Medical practices do come across with some patients that they are not aware of a change in their insurance payor and or plan. Using our advanced electronic medical billing technology we access real-time and batch eligibility verification of patient insurance coverage to ensure that we are submitting the claim to get processed error-free. Our certified and experienced medical billers make sure you are reimbursed in the shortest possible time.
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ICD 10 & CPT Coding

ICD-10 codes are designated for use in documenting diagnoses. Their number have increased from 14,000 in ICD-9 to approximately 68,000 ICD-10 codes. CPT codes identify the services rendered to communicate information among physicians and payers for financial and analytical purposes. Our AAPC certified coders follow a structured methodology in retrieving and reviewing the patient's medical records and accurately code CPT and ICD10 codes. We routinely perform random audits of charts for quality and provide feedback to the health care providers.

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Denial Management and AR Followup

We understand that an excellent denial management process is not simply about working denials, but systematically gathering the data required to eliminate denials. Our Denial management process gathers extensive data and provides feedback to claim entry team and or provider on the updates to prevent the denials in future of same type.

We also understand that achieving powerful results from denial management requires data, data and more data.
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